Isfahan Mayor Ali Ghasemzadeh has said that Kufa is welcome to benefit from the municipal expertise.

Iran (IMNA) - “With Kufa Municipality, we are prepared to impart the positive lessons learned by Isfahan Municipality,” Ghasemzadeh said on Saturday.

He made the remarks during a meeting with Kufa Mayor Mohsen Adel Abbas, adding Isfahan citizens have always shown reverence for the land of Iraq, especially the city of Kufa, and this sense of belonging is rooted in their love for Imam Ali (AS), the first Shia Imam.

“For two reasons, we welcome such cooperation with open arms. First, as an example of good neighborliness, and second, we may gain from Kufa's development, as it is a destination for Iranian pilgrims and travelers.”

Ghasemzadeh noted that Isfahan has maintained its historical and religious identity over time, yet the ancient city has been a pioneer in solving modern issues in terms of urban settings.

“Isfahan is one of the pioneering and distinctive cities in the nation when it comes to the implementation of construction projects and urban service areas like waste recycling and garbage collection,” he added.

It is also one of the cleanest cities in Iran, if not the entire world, thanks to a unique garbage collection system, Isfahan's mayor explained.

Adel Abbas, for his part, said one of Isfahan's strong points is its residents' interaction with the city and municipality. Another is the city's attractive urban landscape, which is maintained with care.

“We, therefore, anticipate that our trip to Isfahan will pave the way for interaction and communication, allowing us to exchange successful experiences and learn from the elites and experts of this city in the field of urban management,” Adel Abbas said.

Elsewhere in his remarks, the mayor of Isfahan noted that the ancient city has also taken innovative steps in the areas of urban culture and citizenship, which could be an area of collaboration with the Kufa municipality.

“Given that the municipality of Kufa is reconsidering its urban plans, it is advised to pay close attention to the culture of urbanism and citizenship because citizens are those who preserve the city, and municipalities have the role of policymakers, facilitators, and supporters, which will lower costs.”

“In the city of Isfahan, we refer to waste as dirty gold,” Ghasemzadeh said.

“Here, have been successful in putting into action knowledge-based projects for the generation of gas, electricity, and valuable exportable materials from waste,” the official explained.


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