A green city benefits the environment by preserving biodiversity, reducing air pollution, storing water, dampening noise, and aiding in cooling during hot weather.

Iran (IMNA) - What do we need to do to change our cities into healthy places to live as our cities grow and more people move into already cramped spaces? A growing amount of research suggests that we should reintroduce nature.

Green spaces in cities reduce pollutants and can help to curb the urban heat island effect, which refers to heat trapped in built-up regions.

People who have easy access to green spaces have greater health and lower death rates.

Even the most insignificant relationship with nature, such as viewing it through a window, can reduce blood pressure and stress.

Isfahan has made enormous achievements in developing more greenery and upgrading urban parks.

The Municipality of Isfahan has prioritized reclaiming urban land for green spaces by implementing nature-based solutions such as scattered green yards, flowerbeds, street trees, pocket parks, and community gardens, as well as other measures like digging up asphalt and replacing it with small green spaces.

Thanks to the Municipality, the public spaces have become greener, more beautiful and pleasant for residents and tourists during the Norouz.

Let's see how urban gardeners are trying to bring  greenery to the landscape and create incredible floral displays.

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