"The mission of the Isfahan Municipality’s Department for Urban Beautification is to move towards creating artworks that make a lasting impact instead of creating temporary arts that are implemented during a short and temporary period of time dooming to waste," the Mayor of Isfahan said during his presence at the International Sculpture Symposium.

Iran (IMNA) - "The vibrancy, dynamism and performance of artists in the International Sculpture Symposium event is a manifestation of life and vitality," Ali Ghasemzadeh said on the sidelines of the first edition of the event in Isfahan.

"The inspiration for making these works of art came from the artist's mind to their hand, then transferred to objects, and ultimately culminated in a finished product that we all appreciate," he added.

"These artworks have been made with iron to ensure their durability over a long period to leave a lasting impression," the Mayor noted.

Ghasemzadeh continued, "This event is an opportunity for students active in various branches of art to attend the symposium and take the experiences of artists by observing the process of making the artworks."

"One of the symbols of every city is its urban sculptures, and we have the good ones by well-known artists in Isfahan. Historical cities like Isfahan have the capacity to host valuable works that may reveal a distinct sense in Isfahan. Valuable artworks of local and foreigners artist have been displayed during the symposium," Mojtabi Shahmoradi, head of Isfahan's Cultural, Social and Sports Department, said on the sidelines of the event.

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