Cutting Isfahan in two parts, the Zayanderud river is the beating heart of the city of turquoise domes.

Iran (IMNA) - Dotted with cozy cafes, gorgeous boulevards, and attractive neighborhoods, the river bank is a must-see when visiting Isfahan.

The gentle waterway meanders through the city, passing beneath several magnificently designed bridges from the 17th century, the city's golden age when it was the capital of the Persian empire.

Since 2000, drought and taking water illegally have caused the river to dry up. Authorities occasionally release the floodgates of the upstream dam to water agricultural lands in eastern Isfahan, much to the delight of thousands who gather along the river.

The rive has backed again and locals have flocked to the river to capture the fleeting moments with their eyes and selfies. Families are now gathering to enjoy fresh air and sceneries on the riverbank; some strolling, while others pedaling swan-shaped boats that had been baked in the dust.

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