Isfahan is known as the city of turquoise domes, standing tall against the backdrop of a blue sky.

Iran (IMNA) - Here, you see a wide variety of imposing domes from modest samples to floral ones that bear intricate arabesque motifs. Moreover, there are gorgeous ones adorned with Christian crosses.

Such diverse architectural symbols indicate a concrete manifestation of friendship gained by the cohabitation of Muslims with Christians in our peaceful city.

On Christmas Day, the citizens share joy and cheerfulness as a ground to clinch more togetherness.

At the beginning of winter, Isfahan is teeming with cozy hangout places that host joyful events before New Year’s Eve.

Here, people with various religious backgrounds have lived together in peace for centuries. Some say such a peaceful coexistence of citizens with different beliefs adds another charm to the ancient city.

We wish all people around the world, a year full of health, blessings, peace, and tranquility. May our cities become more livable in the real sense.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

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