For Iran with a heritage of cultivation and harvesting of grapes, the annual grape harvest of Malayer is an excellent time of year. Iran’s grapes growing regions become lively with events that display regional heritage and domestic produce, and celebrations that mark the beginning of autumn.

Iran (IMNA) - The right time of grape harvesting in Iran differs from region to region, depending on the climate and grape varieties. Among the reasons for various due times of picking grapes, weather plays a huge role, influencing the timing of the harvest every passing year.

In general, October is a nice time if you plan to see grape harvesting festival in full swing in Iran.

Old fashioned grape cultivation and making syrup are unique traditions in Iran's Malayer that have been handed down through families. During the harvest period, extended families, friends and neighbors gather on grape yards to help each other picking grapes then boiling them into syrup. Many farms open their doors to culture lovers who wish to give a hand.

The best way to explore the productive grape farms and taste local grape syrup is to travel to Malayer where you can find excellent aromatic grapes. When you get there, you can taste delicious ripe grapes and witness the harvesting efforts of farmers.

The process of grape cultivation in the Iran's Malayer has been registered as the 53rd major item of the Globally Important Agricultural Heritage Systems (GIAHS).

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