The first day of school brings a mixed emotions to students and parents. Kids are excited about the new friends and the atmosphere and anxious for the same reason as well. However, enlivening the environment will help them to start their first school year more peaceful.

Iran (IMNA) - It is the responsibility of parents and teachers to bring forth upbeat moments to their first graders. They should encourage children and keep their spirit up to look at the positive side of everything to maintain their enthusiasm high.

As the little learners with those big bag packs on their shoulders are coming down the hallways, teachers need to be ready to lend them a hand and greet them, especially those Nervous Nellies who feel being lost at school!

The best way to appease them is making them comfortable with smile and warm greetings.

IMNA's press team wishes all students a lot of fun and success during the first day of school year. Have a great first day!

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