Iranian mothers participated in "Hazrat Ali-Asghar" mourning ceremonies nationwide while bringing their unweaned babies clad in green and white clothes to commemorate the 6-month-old martyr of Karbala battle, Ali Asghar, who was the newborn child of Imam Hussain.

Iran (IMNA) - The battle of Karbala was waged after Imam Hussein (AS) refused to swear allegiance to the second Umayyid caliph Yazid who did not exercise the true Islam as taught by the Prophet Muhammad (PBHU). Imam Hussain's martyrdom made him a holy figure in Islam and the symbol of resistance.

That's why Shia Muslims hold the 10-day mourning ceremonies to make their contribution in keeping the legacy of Imam Hussain alive and honoring him for saving Islam from distortion and manipulation.

Ali Asghar was martyred with a three-headed arrow on his neck shot by an Umayyad archer named Hurmala. The youngest martyr of the Karbala battle is said to be interred with Imam Hussain.

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