Wetlands are important natural environments that provide numerous advantages for wildlife and people. Providing habitats for many different organisms, improving water quality, storing floodwaters during dry periods are some of the positive merits of wetlandss.

Iran (IMNA) - Wetlands function as natural sponges that absorb flood waters; those that are located in urban areas are extremely valuable as they control and slow the speed of flood waters, saving cities from drowning and proving sources of water during periods of water crisis.

Preventing floods with natural elements like wetlands means saving cities from millions of dollars in damage and insurance payments—let alone decreasing the loss of lives.

During the past days, most Iranian provinces have been affected by flashfloods that were caused by Monsoon rains. The floods damaged houses and washed away vehicles.Due to adverse weather conditions, people in flood-hit areas were stranded, infrastructures were destroyed and crops get drowned.

Heavy rains in Iran that inflicted deadly floods and landslides killed at least 53 people, damaged hundreds of villages across the country, cut off access to the main roads and forced the evacuation of flood hit areas. By taking the havoc into account, the importance of wetlands falls into place.

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