The ritual of Tash-Gozari is one of the oldest Islamic rites that a large number of Iran's Azeri Turks practice it as the symbol of the beginning of Muharram mourning ceremonies.

Iran (IMNA) - The ceremony is held during the days preceding Muharram month, during which senior mourners fill up big tubs with water and place them in mosques. The rite is the symbol of an event when Imam Hussain and his companions provided Al-Hurr ibn Yazid, his soldiers and even their horses with water and let them quench their thirst despite being in dire need of water themselves. Al-Hurr was the commander of the Umayyad army whose mission was to take the caravan of Imam Husain (AS) to Ibn Ziyad preventing them from approaching Kufa.

Th way the ritual holds is that one or two of the Hossaini mourners carry a symbolic water jar on their shoulder and go around mosques across the city, and the other mourners move behind them and recite lamentations. These eulogies are mostly declaimed in praise of Abbas bin Ali's magnanimity.

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