All Muslims across the world celebrated the religious holiday of Eid al-Adha yesterday. The occasion which is also known as the Feast of Sacrifice, marks the culmination of sacred Hajj pilgrimage ritual in Islam’s holiest city, Mecca, and surrounding areas of western Saudi Arabia.

Iran (IMNA) - Hajj is a physically demanding practice that all believers should perform it once in a lifetime. This religious rite offers a chance to blank out past sins and symbolize a spiritual rebirth.

Eid al-Adha keeps alive the memory of the story of Prophet Ibrahim’s test of faith when he was commanded by God to sacrifice his only beloved son, Ismail.

As the Prophet Ibrahim (AS) was about to sacrifice his son, God stopped him and provided the Prophet Ibrahim with a large ram and called down:

“O Ibrahim! You have done my bidding and now you will be rewarded!”

The occasion is marked by sacrificing an animal, usually a sheep, and the distribution of the meat among the needy.

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