There is a long tradition of holding cultural and entertainment events in Isfahan's public spaces, and in recent years the number of celebrations staged in the city has been growing rapidly as city managers started to take advantages of communal celebrations to encourage citizens' engagement and social cohesion.

Iran (IMNA) - Celebrations staged in urban public spaces bring out the best in citizens, offering a place for people to join together and get rid of the daily routines. Such gatherings add structure to our social lives, provide us with an opportunity to recover from exhausting routines of life, and give us some inspirations to remember the important moments in life.

Communal events are indispensable aspect of city life and are increasingly popular as urban development strategies.

In this day and age, citizens mind their own businesses, feel uncomfortable participating in social events, often walk or sit with their eyes glued to their mobile phones. Wary of their children playing outside, they prefer keeping them safe at home, with locked doors. Teenagers almost isolate themselves from the social and physical surroundings, wandering through virtual spaces made accessible on social networks. Senior citizens are no exception; they often sit on benches lonely, passing time aimlessly.

Having communal events, provides unique opportunities for engagement and develop interactions among residents from various neighborhoods of the entire city.

By doing so, children, teenagers and adults will explore the new paths of participation and meet new people from other communities and neighborhoods; this ensures strong bonds among citizens and brings social vitality to the city.

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