Greenery near sidewalks and high traffic areas are susceptible to get damaged as there are some visitors who disregard 'Garden Etiquette' towards the trees, flowers and gardens by treading down plants, digging out flowers, laying in ornamental garden beds to take pictures, climbing trees, and even worse, carving on trees and plants which referred to as Garden vandalism.

Iran (IMNA) - Trees are not boards designed to be written on, they’re living creatures and nobody should deface them. Carving on plants is like giving them a tattoo without their permission; such violation of "Green Space Regulations" may results in destroying the plants' beauty.

Unlike spray-paintings that can often be removed or covered over, tree wounds remain permanent, and there’s nothing you can do to erase them.

Seeing one tree with carved bark often encourages others, especially adolescents, to do the same, and repeated carving to the same tree is very likely to eventually give rise to some sort of invasive conditions, degrading the tree’s appearance.

As a living creature, would you want someone carving some words on your skin? It’s the same thing!

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