A couple of thousand people gathered in Iran's capital ,Tehran, on Friday to observe the birth anniversary of Imam Reza, the eighth immaculate Imam, and to condemn the controversial film 'Holy Spider' as well as insulting remarks about Islam in India.

Iran (IMNA) - People belonging to all walks of life participated in the rite to pay tribiute to the exalted status of Imam Reza, who is considered as the "Guarantor of the Gazelle" that is referred to the story of a deer caught by a hunter in a forest when the holy Imam acted as a peacemaker between the gazelle and the hunter.

The celebration trod on the heels of the movie 'Holy Spider' praised during the Cannes Film Festival, which Muslims saw as an offence to Islamic beliefs and sanctities.

Muslims across the world believe that awarding the movie was an offensive and politically-induced move and the product of the ‘addled mind” of its Danish-Iranian filmmaker, supported and financed by global arrogance.

Iranians also condemned the highly derogatory remarks made about Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) by two officials from India’s ruling party.

Anger has been growing in Muslim nations around the world since last week, when Nupur Sharma and Naveen Jindal, both spokespeople for the Hindu nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party, made comments seen as insulting the Prophet Muhammad, sparking fury in the Muslim world.

The gathering sent a clear message to the enemies of Islam that Muslims will never stay silent and apathetic to disparaging remarks on their beliefs.

India’s ambassadors to Iran was summoned to receive official notes of protest over the controversial remarks by two politicians who insulted Prophet Muhammad (PBHU).

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