Most of the world's ancient cities have been emerged around rivers. Urban rivers help to connect communities and round people up.

Iran (IMNA) - Due to the climate change and decreased precipitation frequencies, rivers in some of Iranian cities are losing water. Industrialization and mismanagement have led to further degradation, with rivers becoming landfills for sewage, pollutants and other wastewater, generating significant public health issues.

With reduced environmentally harmful industrial activities, urban rivers have gained importance in meeting the demand for a better quality of life.

Improving ecological functions, offering recreational value and raising the quality of life in urban areas are the primary outcomes of the revival of urban rivers.

Proximity to rivers is associated with physical and mental health. Spending time near the rivers has steadily been related to increasing positive mood and reducing negative feelings and stress.

Hundreds of Isfahani citizens have gathered near the iconic bridges over the Zayanderud River to celebrate its short-lived revival.

The river has faced water shortages and droughts for years, and its dryness has affected the people's presence in the parks. Let's see how Isfahani people gather along the banks of the river having fun and taking shots of the living river.

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