Turkey has always been known for its special coffee and strong black tea. Beside these two drinks, beverages are the integral parts of Turkish culture and daily life.

Iran (IMNA) - Traditional Turkish beverages, coming in various types to suit any taste, are inseparable part of this country’s culture.

Turkish tea

Known for its crimson hue, Turkish tea, referred to as çay, pronounced "chai," is black tea prepared without milk. It is served in small glass cups with a saucer and a small spoon and one or two sugar cubes.

Served literally everywhere in the country, the tea itself is prepared using two teapots stacked on top of each other, known as "çaydanlık," where the bottom kettle holds boiling water and the top kettle holds the tea brew with loose tea leaves. Brewing the tea this way allows each person to choose how strong his or her tea is by diluting the strong tea on top with the hot water below.

Popular Turkish Beverages and drinks

Turkish coffee

The coffee used for Turkish coffee is prepared by roasting the beans and then grinding them. The ground coffee is then mixed with water and boiled in a small pot known as a cezve, pronounced "jaz-vay." The coffee is then poured into small cups, allowing the coffee grinds to sink to the bottom. These grinds are not meant to be eaten, as they serve a bigger purpose: fortune-telling.

After a good conversation and a delicious cup of Turkish coffee, fortunes are told by turning the cup upside down on the plate and interpreting the images seen on the side of the cup.

Popular Turkish Beverages and drinks


Sherbet is made from fruit juices or extracts of various flowers, fruits and herbs, combined with sugar and water to form a sweet syrup that is diluted at a later time with water or ice. Served cold, sherbets are often made of rose, seasonal fruits like sour cherries, sandalwood, lemon or orange.

Besides Turkey, sherbets are very popular in India, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Bangladesh and have been one of the most widespread drinks in the Muslim world.

Popular Turkish Beverages and drinks


Ayran, made by mixing yogurt, water and salt, is one of the mainstays of Turkish tables during summers and is known as the best way to quench one's thirst.Most Turks prefer theirs made with homemade yogurt, which offers a slightly more tangy twist and many more health benefits. As a result, many restaurants also offer the option of either prepackaged ayran or cups of their freshly made, pleasantly foamy versions.

Popular Turkish Beverages and drinks

Turnip juice (Şalgam)

Şalgam literally means "turnip" and is pronounced, "shul-gum." It is made from a sour and salty brine of fermented dark turnips, purple carrots, salt, spices and cracked wheat (bulgur). It's usually drunk alongside a hearty helping of classic Turkish dishes, including kebabs and savory meat dishes.

Popular Turkish Beverages and drinks

Pickle juice

To accompany fish, the Turks also drink pickle juice, which in Turkish is turşu (pronounced tour-shu) suyu. Drinking this sour and salty mix has several health benefits, including countering dehydration, providing a good source of antioxidants and promoting gut health. It can even be bought prepackaged as a drink in most supermarkets.

Popular Turkish Beverages and drinks


Another drink dating back to the times of the sultans is boza. This thick drink is made from maize or wheat durum with added water and sugar. Its slightly acidic and sweet flavor is a favorite for the chilly months. You spice up your glass of boza with a sprinkle of ground cinnamon.

Boza is rich in carbohydrates and vitamins, making it a healthy source of nutrients, including calcium, iron, niacin, phosphorus, riboflavin, thiamine and zinc. This creamy and velvety drink is so filling and nutritious that it was used during the Ottoman Empire to feed the army and keep them warm.

Popular Turkish Beverages and drinks

Fresh pomegranate juice

The beloved pomegranate has always been one if not the most highly revered fruit in Turkey. Not only is it considered a symbol of abundance and good fortune, but it is also one of the most nutritious and delicious fruits out there.

The ability to easily consume pomegranate juice on a daily basis is one of the great health benefits of being in Turkey as fresh juiceries can be found on nearly every street corner in larger towns and cities. The freshly pressed juice is sold at affordable prices at such juice sellers as well as in traditional Turkish fast food stores and can be purchased mixed with other juices such as orange, apple and even kiwi.

Popular Turkish Beverages and drinks


Kefir is a fermented milk drink, similar to ayran, made with kefir grains. It is rich in probiotic bacteria, which is important for intestinal health. Thanks to the enzymes it contains, it promotes healthy intestinal function. It can be purchased in most supermarkets throughout Turkey.

Popular Turkish Beverages and drinks


Salep is an exotic drink made from the dried tubers of wild orchids. This creamy and thick hot drink is consumed in places that were formerly part of the Ottoman Empire, especially during the winter months, as it helps to soothe coughs and prevent bronchitis. Ground salep is also a staple in ice cream-making in Turkey.

Preparing this drink is much easier than listing all of its benefits. Simply heat some milk or water and mix in the power. Salep is best when it is served with cinnamon or ginger to compliment the taste.

To make salep, tubers of the orchids are harvested, washed, boiled, dried and finally ground into flour. The flour has also traditionally been used as medicine in addition to the main ingredient for the warm, comforting drink.

Popular Turkish Beverages and drinks


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