Parks and urban green spaces are almost designed for children, youngsters or able-bodied adults; however, they can be created with a variety of aging principles.

Iran (IMNA) - Being in parks promotes social connections, making friendships and group physical activities as well.

As local officials strive to keep senior citizens healthy for longer than ever before, ‘senior playgrounds’ are created in Iran. Cities across Iran have dedicated playgrounds for senior citizens. Embedding specialized facilities for elderly people make old-age pensioners feel confident exercising.

It’s common in Iran to see large groups of senior citizens exercising and having fun together rather than solo runners or cyclists.

Every morning horde of elderly people flock to public parks for their daily exercise routine. Some of them take advantage of ellipticals and pulldown machines and other prefer doing mind games like Morabaraba.

Keeping the mind active in older age is as important as maintaining physical health and strength.

Thanks to quick games that can be played anywhere by anyone, exercising the mind can be fun and easy to do for aged population.

Morabaraba is a popular traditional two-player board game in Iran known by the name of Dooz.

Dooz is accessible and easy to learn that can be played quickly; only a board and some pebbles are the materials of the game. Let's see how senior citizens enjoy playing Dooz and other mind games by their age mates in Kordestan.

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