You can find Nasir-Al Molk Mosque, known as the Pink Mosque, in the city of orange blossom, Shiraz. This historical masterpiece lies in Nasir al-Molk alley, the southern end of Lotfali Khan Zand Street. The building is one of the most impressive tourist attractions in Shiraz that its precious memories may last forever and remain vivid in mind.

Iran (IMNA) - Also recognized as the most dated mosques in Shiraz, Nasir Al-Molk is situated near the Shah Cheragh Holy Shrine. Having stained glasses, lofty arches and splendid tiles, the historic structure is accounted worthy to visit.

Mirza Hassan Ali Khan, who held the title of Nasir-al Molk, ordered the construction of this mosque. From 1293 to 1305 AH, it took 12 years to erect this 2216 square meters mosque.

The mosque has two porches that are dissimilar as the northern one is more beautiful than the southern porch.

On the north side of the mosque, there is a curved structure called the "Pearl Arch", interior and exterior parts of which are covered with colored tiles bearing Quranic inscriptions. On the south side, there is an arch that rose to the height less than the “Pearl arch”, and its entire outer and inner surfaces are tiled.The mosque has also two principal naves with lofty ogives decorated with tile arts.

Given the unique tiling and Mogharnas works, Nasir Al-Molk Mosque is one of the drop-dead gorgeous mosques in Iran that people cannot fail to notice it.

Renovation and maintenance of this exquisite building have begun long years ago, observing international standards. Nasir Al-Molk Mosque is the most influential symbol in Islamic culture as with the advent of Islam in Iran, mosques gained more attention.

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