The journeys of traders and their caravans along the roads across Iran would have been much more difficult if there was no caravansaries that dotted on the ancient routes.

Iran (IMNA) - Marked as "guest houses", "roadside inns", and "hostels", caravansaries were fortified rest houses designed to provide overnight housing to travelers, especially merchants and pilgrimage caravans who were the most frequent visitors. Providing safe roadhouses for guests from here and there, caravanserais became on-the-road hubs for the exchange of goods and culture.

During the reign of Shah Abbās, when the highway systems were extended throughout Iran, many caravansaries placed along the caravan routes. They were constructed about eight miles apart and often erected with lookout towers.

As passing to and fro increased, so did the construction of roadside inns. Establishing caravansaries was not only essential to the provision of safe peaceful places for extreme weather, but also important to ensure safety against bandits ambushing caravans loaded with valuable goods.

Lying on the road from Isfahan to Shiraz, Mahyar Caravanserai is one of the outstanding examples of Safavid architectural style having decorated with bricks and tiles. Let's take a tour inside the historical inn through IMNA's camera.

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