Emphasizing the importance of increasing international interactions and strengthening public diplomacy by the Municipality of Isfahan, the Mayor of Isfahan Ali Ghasemzade said, "In keeping with Isfahan's joint cooperation with Poland, three joint action plans have been designed within the framework of Isfahan's Cultural Week Events."

Iran (IMNA) - The mayor of Isfahan noted," One of the programs in step with Isfahan's joint cooperative initiation with Poland is to create a photo exhibition in memory of Polish children who took refuge in Isfahan during the World War about 80 years ago and were welcomed by the people of this city."

He added, "Grounded on the consultations, two projects have been proposed, the first of which is applicable to reconstruction of worn-out textures, so that the transfer of experiences would take place rested on Poland's successful experience in this regard."

"Another project is focused on joint cooperation in medical and scientific research between Imam Hossein (PBUH) Hospital in Isfahan and one of the Polish hospitals specialized for pediatric surgery, " Ghasemzadeh pointed out.

Emphasizing that reciprocities are supposed to bring about a sister city agreement between Isfahan and one of the Polish cities, he expressed hope that with abatement of the COVID-19 pandemic and the eradication of the Coronavirus, the Municipality will take international tourism more seriously and provide more diplomatic and cultural opportunities than before.

The Polish Ambassador to Tehran Maciej Falkowski, also referred to the history of Isfahan's giving Polish children refugee during the World War.

Emphasizing that it is the duty of both sides to mark and pass on this collective history to the young generation, he said, "backed by 80 years shared history, we stand by the people of Iran and Isfahan."

The Polish Ambassador to Iran remarked, "There are adequate grounds for the possible interaction and cooperation between the Isfahani and Polish community, so we hope to have a strong tie with the hospitable people of Isfahan to take advantage of each other's specialties, industries, technologies and culture."

"targeting the reciprocal relationship and joint cooperation, we propose two projects for Isfahan; the first is a joint cooperative project between Iranian and polish pediatric neurosurgeons. The second is a proposal relating to urban planning so that we can rebuild worn out textures."

Mojtaba Shahmoradi, Isfahan's Deputy Mayor and Head of Isfahan Municipality's Socio-Cultural and Sports Organization said, "During the Isfahan's Cultural Week, which begins on May 3 and coincides with Eid al-Fitr, a Polish children photo exhibition will be inaugurated in Isfahan in the presence of the Polish Foreign Minister."

He emphasized, "The provision of joint media products to introduce Isfahan and creation of a shared postage stamp centering on 80 years of shared history, which is the theme of cultural programs between Isfahan and Poland, is another plan of this organization in the cultural week."