The Muslims across the world welcome the fasting month of Ramadan on Sunday and, unlike previous years, COVID-19 pandemic will not outshine this sacred period, with some measures relaxed amid a decline in cases.

Iran (IMNA) - Ramadan will not be a muffled occasion as it was in last two years in Iran. The celebrations and observances associated with the holy month of fasting has largely been returned as the Coronavirus pandemic has scaled back in recent years. As the number of coronavirus cases has decreased to less than 5,000 per day, the Iranians can carry out daily traditions, except with the ubiquitous presence of protective masks.

The most significant change is the full opening of all mosques for the collective prayer. Collective prayers were the main target of the Covid-19 related restrictions during Ramadan. Considering the number of vaccinated people, Iranian authorities have lifted the serious social distancing rule at mosques; however, wearing protective masks and adherence to hygiene requirements are still mandatory.

This year, mass gatherings will be allowed in mosques and restaurants will be permitted to welcome Muslims for sahur and iftar without any limitations except mandatory masks.

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