Blooming in dense clusters, Matthiola incanas and hyacinths are highly fragrant flowers that considered the symbols of spring for Iranians.

Iran (IMNA) - The New Year Celebration, Noruz, marks the astronomical first day of spring in Iran. Being heavily scented (clove-like fragrance), Matthiola incana is a common garden flower, available in a variety of colours. Matthiola incana (Common Stock) is a low-maintenance cool-season flower that blooms from mid-spring to late summer. it grows easily from seed and can be sow directly outdoors.

Stock is a strange name for a flower. It appears to be a reference to the “tick” stems of perennial growth, and its use as an early-season filler plant. This flower requires sunlight at least for six hours per day as well as light shade, and average to rich soil that drains well.

The abundant, fragrant blooms of Common Stock flowers bring an aura of charm and romance to early-season settings. Matthiola incana is a good option for gardening arrangements that brings pretty face in the garden. Let’s go to a flower stores in Isfahan through IMNA’s camera and enjoy the shots.

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