The northern lights, also known as the polar lights or aurora borealis, are the natural waves of dancing lights in Earth's sky that predominantly seen in lower Polar Regions.

The phrase “aurora borealis” indicates the aurora in the north of the Equator, while the aurora seen in the southern hemisphere is known as the “aurora Australis”.

Auroras are the result of perturbation in the magnetic field of the planet Earth caused by solar winds.

The phenomena of spectacular light show that characterized by the appearance of brilliant lights in the patterns of curtains, spirals, flickers and rays, hold the interest and attention of people for millennia.

The stunning dance of lights is an unparalleled creation from Mother Nature herself covering the entire sky.

Apart from its intrinsic attractiveness, the polar light is a combination of unique physical concepts falling into place to give rise to this extremely interesting phenomenon. Let's watch the sky glowing with the aurora borealis.

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