Dar al-Salem or Wadi-al-Salaam burial ground is one of the world's ancient cemeteries in Shiraz dating back to the Islamic era, however, some archeologists suppose that it goes back to the per-Islamic era.

Iran (IMNA) - There are many graves of scientists, theosophist, intelligentsia, and religious leader from different historical eras in the cemetery.

The old marking graves are engraved with different styles of calligraphy such as Nastaliq, Naskh, and Suls, and the images of combs, mirrors, scissors, and work tools are sculptured on some stone graves depicting the occupation of the dead people.

Having Persian gardens, shrines, and mosques and ancient structures, Shiraz is a historic and an attractive modern city.

Being the birthplace of internationally celebrated poets and renowned literary figures, the city is known as one of the “Cultural Capitals” of Iran.

Shiraz that homes some of Iran’s most magnificent historic monuments and sights, draws many foreign and domestic tourists into the former royal capital of Zand dynasty. Let's see some of the old graves with interesting carvings.