Like many regions in Iran, Isfahan has suffered from a crippling drought in recent years. The water shortage in Isfahan has already lasted for at least 10 years, and is now devastating agricultural crops and farmers’ income.

Iran (IMNA) - Prolonged shortages in the water supply, have always been in Isfahan, and now it’s worsened with climate change problem. But it’s not a subject that should have caught the country by surprise. The heart of the problem is mismanagement of water resources that has been the subject of warnings for years; the climate change and reduced rainfall have exacerbated the drought.

Due to the physical, economic and social significance, the Zayanderud River has a complicated story leading to a point of contention for years.

Isfahani farmers want the river to flow down the Zayanderud River from its source to the river’s mouth to irrigate their farmlands.

Government leaders promised the Isfahani farmers’ grievances would be given precedence.

The government promised it would pay financial aids to farmers who could no longer irrigate their crops.

The Zayanderud River bends around the historic city of Isfahan. Its verdant waterfronts are the city’s main green space, and families get together on summer evenings for picnics. In the fall and winter, the river serves as a stop for migratory birds flocking south.

River authorities opened the Zayanderud dam, allowing water to flow into the riverbed for 10 days.

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