On your way to Isfahan from Yazd you'll be passing by Nain. Be sure to stop and visit Haj Hasan Javaheri Castle that beautifully rose from the middle of vast barren areas in Kuhpaye drawing traders towards the oasis.

Iran (IMNA) - Although evoking admiration from a long way off, the fortress has long since fallen to wrack and ruin. It is nearly crumbling and eroding right in front of you with no evidence of restoration.

It is far more decayed than any other castles in the region with no entry fee and easy to climb around. The ramshackle remains still show that this was a substantial fortress in its day.

Beside the magnificent architecture of the castle, the breathtaking view of the sky and the desert around the structure is the star attraction. From above the turrets you can see the picturesque views of sunrise and sunset. You can also observe the shining stars under the vast clear sky.

The Qajarid historic house stands strong there and visitors can still delineate its features.

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