The Mollabashi( Motamedi) mansion house is an iconic building in Isfahan that represents the true example of the Safavid, Qajarid and Zandieh architectural styles .

Iran (IMNA) - Much of what you see in this historic stately home is the remarkable efforts of skilled architects during centuries.

The noble house contained a large, open courtyard, and is distinguished by sizable, vaulted halls and several other spacious, painted rooms.

Both the exterior and the interior are characterized by ornamental arabesque patterns, three-dimensional stucco decorations, walls and ceilings paintings that are still in their original state.

The craftsmanship of various artists has created a wealth of styles and details that surprise and inspire visitors at each moment.

The most impressive room inside the house is the alcove; the massive and highly decorated mirror-clad guesthouse with arcaded windows overlooking the courtyard.

Exquisite stained glass windows in primary colors set in geometrical designs, in conjunction with mirrors have been used extensively in the interiors of this historic house. These heavenly windows were essential to the fabric of ancient buildings and the people within, both literally and spiritually as they easily bring peace of mind through flooding the space with colorful light.

The mirrors, cut into the desired shape, have painstakingly been placed piece by piece to form the design; such intricate and time-consuming art requires great skill and precision.

The current state of the mansion house is the result of several adaptations that took place during centuries.

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