Zavareh is located at the northeast of Isfahan Province, next to the central desert area. It is known that Zavareh had a Sassanian fire temple and was an important trade center during the Seljuk period. The town is named after Zavareh, the brother of Rostam, a legendary hero in Persian mythology.

Iran (IMNA) - You could almost travel through the past and present of Zavare without any magic! The roads inside the county bisect the history, where new buildings are emerged out of the transformation of the old on one side, while opposite, high walls crumbling histories stand strong.

The mud-brick walls of Zavareh have changed very little in the past few hundred years. What has changed though, is what lies within them.

A 15 km drive to the south of Zavareh– right in the heart of the desert – once thriving mansion on the desert’s edge now rests abandoned; its arches and domes returning slowly to dust under the timeless influx of sands. At first sight, it has all the promise of a maze; branching doorways, each of which leads to more multiple-choice junctions.

The Qajarid mansion named Amirabad used to the Saham-o-Saltaneh’s residence during winter. He had full responsibility for roads safety laid with districts under his authority.

Having been designed to withstand the bad climatic condition of the region, while benefitting from its central position to defend against enemy attacks, the mansion stands strong amid the desert.

There is an uncomfortable fragility to this hundred-year-old structure today, and it is hard not to question the impacts that visitors are having on it as some tourists just dive into the building and explore whatever they want! There are some restrictions in place for tourists to preserve this national heritage.

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