In celebration of Iran's Clean Air Day, Isfahan transit agencies have teamed up to offer free rides for citizens; the decision has been made to help clear the air by trying an alternative mode of transportation, leaving the cars at home and trying transit for free!

Iran (IMNA) - In the midst of the global pandemic of Coronavirus, where the use of public transport was strongly discouraged by governments and healthcare scientists, the dominance of the car in cities and towns reached new records.

Despite many expressing concerns around air quality and the climate crisis, it has been speculated that in more car-dominant cities, the use of cars would be increased in post-pandemic era.

Cities all around the world are waking up to the many advantages that spring from making public transport completely free. Many countries have already implemented fare-free public transport schemes, with more and more taking great leaps every month.

Since transportation is the one of the biggest sources of air pollution in Isfahan, the Municipality decided to encourage everyone to take transit today instead of driving with free public transportation rides.

Much of the active travel infrastructures have been introduced during the global pandemic in Isfahan, including new bike paths as a means of getting people cycling.

Without targeted action from city managers and citizens, the problem of air pollution is only going to get worse. Encouraging citizens to get rid of their cars and jump on public transport systems is one of the most effective ways of riding cities of cars and clearing the air.

Noting that the use of public transportation services by city managers will help create a culture in this regard, the Deputy Mayor of Isfahan for Transportation and Traffic added, "According to a letter sent by the Mayor of Isfahan to deputies and municipal managers, city administrators will take benefits of clean transportation vehicles, including bicycles.

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