Snowfall records cement Tabriz’s status as one of the snowiest metropolitan areas in Iran, a claim made possible by a combination of different geological factors: the city’s proximity to the Sahand Mountains is the main factor.

Iran (IMNA) - Records show that the city occasionally experiences heavier snows than any other cities in Iran. Tabriz’s countrysides are favorite destinations for winter sports enthusiasts, with opportunities for ice-climbing and skiing as several ski resorts have been provided for tourist.

In the past few days, temperature dropped to near freezing in Tabriz; Extremely cold weather has chilled the city from Saturday night, followed by snow from Saturday night into Sunday morning, which has created messy travel conditions in the city.

In addition to snow, Tabriz often experiences freezing rain, whereby subzero temperatures cause liquid rain to freeze upon contact, covering everything with a thin layer of ice. Let's enjoy snowy shots through IMNA's camera.

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