"Sharing experiences on urban regeneration opens a new path of cooperation between the Municipality of Isfahan and Poland," Deputy Mayor of Isfahan for Urban Planning and Architecture said.

Iran (IMNA) -"Isfahan has been growing up along the world's best historical axis; according to the shared historical backgrounds between Isfahan and Poland, which was formed about 80 years ago after the residence of Polish Refugees in Isfahan, a suitable ground for cooperation has been provided for the transfer of experiences as pertaining to urban regeneration and refurbishment," Deputy Mayor of Isfahan for Urban Planning and Architecturem Vahid Mahdavian said during a technical meeting with the attendance of Deputy Ambassador of Poland to Iran, Advisor to the Ambassador, the Cultural Adviser of this country and a group of municipal managers.

He added, "Isfahan has been the capital of Iran during four ancient dynasties; it has more than one thousand hectares of historical context and homes numerous cultures, historical monuments and ethnic groups."

Hoping that this meeting would be a new chapter of cooperation between Isfahan and Poland, the Deputy Mayor of Isfahan for Urban Planning and Architecture, continued, "We intend to turn Isfahan into one of the best cities in Iran in the field of urban regeneration by holding specialized and scientific meetings and workshops. Considering Poland's useful experiences in this regard, such cooperation would help us to strengthen urban regeneration challenges."

Saying that the draft memorandum of understanding will be prepared in terms of time and place dimensions, he added," after reviewing the document by the embassy, this cooperation will be turned into minutes of settlement, so that specific tasks will be executed in this regard as soon as possible," Mahdavian said.

Following this technical meeting, the Polish Deputy Ambassador to Iran expressed his satisfaction with his visit to Isfahan and noted, "We are celebrating the 80th anniversary of the arrival of Polish refugees to Iran from the Soviet Union. This [refurbishment] initiative is a very important event for the city of Isfahan and Poland. Reconstruction and improvement of Isfahan's historical sites may lead to make Isfahan more known to Poles and tourism growth."

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