Late autumn in Isfahan means the beginning of comfy warmer clothes and spectacular displays of color. Trees turn glorious hues of goldish yellow and bright red as they prepare to shed their leaves in an array of colours.

Iran (IMNA) - The unique thing of fallen- leaves- off season in Isfahan is that even though the trees drop their leaves, they still remain the green leaves and don’t become bare.

When it comes to autumn foliage, there is nothing like finding old neighborhoods with bushy trees. Autumn colors are steadily disappearing from Isfahan with the vivid yellow leaves of trees falling to the ground leaving only bare branches behind. Leaf collection often happens during autumn; however, the municipality left the streets with fascinating yellow leaves on the ground to bring the sense of belonging to the nature for citizens.

The fact here is that once they fall to the wet ground, many people no longer see them as beautiful, but instead as a mess to be contained and removed. So, late autumn is the best time to leaf peep before any winter rain.

Let's enjoy the astonishing shots of autumn in Isfahan's Najafabad where you can make the most of this gorgeous time of the year by tiptoeing down the streets, looking for the crunchy fallen leaves to step on and hearing the leaves crackling under your feet.

Crunchy Leaves Beneath My Feet

Crunchy leaves beneath my feet
Tumbling to the path
Storms blow through as autumn comes
A taste of nature's wrath

Brilliant red, orange and yellow
Leaves that the wild wind blows
It's nature's way of showing us
Summer has come to a close

As summer turns to autumn
The crispy days revisit
A chill now in the nighttime hours
But the colors are so exquisite!

By Marilyn Lott

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