The rusting of leaves, the astonishing colors and the fresh air - autumn provides the perfect backdrop for those enjoying their daily saunters down the cozy streets in Khansar Copunty.

Iran (IMNA) - The morning mist, the dazzling colors, the carpets of leaves, the petrichor and the fragrant roads … It is all these bits and bobs that give autumn its charming features.

Tall deciduous trees with various hues of yellow, orange, red and brown line the comfy sidewalks in Khansar and create a natural backcloth.

Kicking through the leaves along Khansar's old alleys is an autumn-lovers must! This county is one of Iran’s most impressive displays of autumn colours.

While it certainly is an eye-catching scenery from above, a wander at ground level is equally as pleasing, with the leaves changing color.

Take an un-harried stroll around the county and head to the laneways and side streets decking out with orange and yellow leaves; strides on the wet paths and capture the contrasting landscapes in photos.

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