When the hot days of summer are over and the air starts to have a distinct chill, there’s no need to be dispirited. Fall is the most eye-catching season; a last joy before the bitter winds of winter take hold.

Iran (IMNA) - With the cooling down of the autumn, the foliage of trees turns a scenic range of colors providing a beautiful contrast and backcloth to mountains of the area. Autumn can be one of the most rewarding times of year to hike through the stunning fall colors of the mountains enjoying the greens of the warmer months turning to the yellows, reds and browns.

Hamedan is already one of the most gorgeous city in Iran, but even more so during fall.

While the lowlands and the highlands have some seriously astonishing foliage, it’s pretty incredible to see Hamedan surrounded by hues of orange, yellow and red.

Wandering along the tree-lined of Hamedan's Alvand Mountain is perfect for leaf-peeping. Let's put on a warm sweater and enjoy this batch of recent fall photos.

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