Isfahan woke up Friday to its real fall weather – drizzly, light rain, cloud-covered skies and cool temperatures. Gentle rain and drizzle fell across several areas of Isfahan on Friday, a welcome respite after warm weeks accompanied by dusty winds. The precipitation led to slippery roads with no serious accidents as the Municipality of Isfahan was prepared to keep the roadways from icing over; however, Traffic Police has warned that it is important for drivers to be careful and slow down because roads may be unexpectedly slick with precipitation.

Iran (IMNA) - According to the National Weather Forecast, the clouds will clear out by late morning on Monday.

The first autumn rain was fresh and rejuvenating; however, during rainy days, basements are very susceptible to flooding as they are the lowest level of a building. You don’t need heavy rain for your home to flood, even sprinkles of rain can cause basements to get wet. Autumn rain is good for your garden and lawn, but harmful if that water is leaking into your basement.

A rainy day in the "jewel of Iran" is the perfect excuse to get your umbrella and rain-boots ready, then take a walk with a bubble friend who can lift your spirits and give you some pleasure time. It's time to go out and enjoy the amazing earthy scent that tickles your nose!

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