The winners of the International Cinema and the Iranian Cinema competitions of the 38th Tehran International Short Film Festival were announced at the short film "Capsule" will be introduced to nominated for the 2022 OSCARS®.

Iran (IMNA) - The closing ceremony of the 38th Tehran International Short Film Festival held in Iran Mall Complex and a video clip to commemorate Late Iranian Producer Fereshteh Taerpour also was displayed in the ceremony.

Addressing the ceremony, Iran's Head and Deputy Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance Mohammad Khazaei said: "We will not spare no efforts to support, strengthen revolutionary, creative, bold, curious, ethical and family-oriented short films."

Iran Mal is proud to host an international event

Speaking in a same gathering, the CEO of Iran Mall, Majid Shayesteh, which sponsors the festival said "Iran Mall Complex has portrayed the connection between literature, culture and history by holding an international film festival.

He expressed his satisfaction to serve filmmakers, artists at the 38th Tehran International Short Film Festival.

Iranian art deserved Academy Award approval

Seyed "Sadegh Mousavi", the secretary of the festival, said: "First of all, I express my gratitude to all those who worked honestly. I have to talk about the approval of the Tehran International Short Film Festival by the Oscars ®Academy. This important event, which has occurred for the first time in the history of Iranian cinema, shows the importance of short films and our cinema. I believe this festival is the most important international short film festival in Tehran in West Asia; due to the presence of the most important cinematic figures in the world in the past decades, we can apply for this privilege and we deserve this important right in West Asia that with the rule of Islam in the region, radiant history and unique artists and precious culture we should be right we were resigning ourselves, which fortunately came true."

Mousavi pointed out: "Out of 6,402 foreign works from the world, only less than one percent of the works were selected and for the first time we received emails as to why our work was not present in this festival."

"What is important is the re-authority of our country in the film industry. In the region, after Egypt and Turkey, we are the third country to have an approved by the Academy Awards®, popularly known as the Oscars®, and became the only OSCARS® qualifying festival in Iran. The Iranian art deserved this success. I would like to thank Ms. Tabatabai, International Vice President, and all those involved in the festival. The Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance was grateful for this event because it is the founder of art, but we hope that this achievement will remain for us," he added.

"This is an opportunity for filmmakers if a film makes it to the OSCARS® and we are happy, something more important has happened this time and we have a regular event that nominates a work for the OSCARS®, every year," he added.

Khazaei said: "The short film festival is a valuable achievement that has been the result of the efforts of many loved ones over the years. Therefore, I consider it my duty to appreciate all those who have been involved in the growth and development of young cinema seedlings. I would also like to thank the officials and those involved in this festival. I also thank the ambassadors, cultural advisors and filmmakers of different countries who attended this film event."

He added: "I also thank the selection consultants and the jury, and all the filmmakers and creative and artistic youth. Both those whose works were present at the festival and the filmmakers who were not in the competition section due to the characteristics of the festival and the tastes of the selected groups. I remember for many years that the Tehran Short Film Festival was always held with a certain enthusiasm and excitement and still continues. The same enthusiasm, protests and demands make the genre of this festival different from other festivals. Questioning and demanding paves the way for the dynamism and growth of cinema. I believe that here, the future of Iranian cinema is shaping and the grounds of new talents are growing. After four decades, Iranian cinema needs modernization, revolutionary reconstruction, rejuvenation and transformation."

The Deputy Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance stated: "The requirements of today's society have changed the" art-industry of cinema "and in parallel with this change, new generations with new capacity, insight, new insight and new experiences must come and rely on and be the vanguard and pioneers of new currents on the legacy of the past. Undoubtedly, young cinema is the origin of the new stream science and streamlining of cinema."

He added: "So far, Iranian cinema, and in particular," Iranian short films " have won honors at international festivals, and we hear about the honors of this cinema many times every year. This is a good thing. But I believe we need to change attitudes and patterns in world culture. We need a new strategy in cinema. Where is the share of Iranian cinema in the perspective of world culture? We now live in the "age of the image of the world"; To the extent that we create "our own image", we will have a share in the cultural domination and world cinema. With all the occasional jumps; I believe that we do not yet have a share in the depiction of world culture."

In the end, he stated: "I personally believe that this type of cinema goes beyond its experimental goals and educational advantages, since it is not captivated by the stereotypes and requirements of body cinema; It is more creative as long as the real demands of the people and the cultural needs of the society are taken into account."

Winners of International Cinema Completion:

-Best Experimental Film Award was received by Jean-François Comminges for "Identification" from France

Addressing the same gathering the France Embassy Attache who was attending the closing ceremony for receiving the prize voiced his happiness for participating the event, adding the festival enjoys very bright future.

-Best Animation Award was received by Ma Weijia for "Step Into the River", a joint production of China and France

-The Best Documentary Award was received by Yaser Talebi for "I Will Not Be Alone" from Iran

-Best Feature Film Award was received by Damian KOCUR for "Beyond Is the Day" from Poland

-The Gear Award of this section which will be introduced to OSCARS® was received by Amir Pazirofteh for "Capsul" from Iran

Iranian Short Film Association (ISFA) Medal

Iranian Short Film Association praised "De Middleton" and "Mashoum" and presented ISFA Medal to Houra Tabatabaei for "The Crave"

Invitation to make a film about "Iran Mall"

"Ali Ansari," the owner of the "Iran Mall " said: "I think the short film is a show of fears, hopes and aspirations. Anything that is done briefly will have good results, and so is the short film. It is made at a low cost and in a short time, but it has good results. I hope this artistic work progresses day by day. I ask the directors to make a short film about Iran Mall and what happened here so that people know that this structure of civilization was made by Iranian artists."

Winners of Iran Cinema Competition Section:

The Best Dubbing Awards was received by Amir Asheq Hosseini and Zohreh Ali Akbari for "All the Time"

-The Best Editing Award was received by Hossein Jamshidi Gohari for "The Last Lullaby in Tehran"

-The Best Cinematographer Award was received by "Arman Fayyaz" for "Bonos"

-The Best Adapted Screenplay Award was received by Mohammad Vahdani for "The Last Lullaby in Tehran"

The Best Screenplay Award was received by Shadi Karam Roudi for "All the Time"

-The Diploma of Honor for Best Special Effects was received by Mahdi Sherkat Masoul for "The Past" animation

-The Best Animation Director was received by Hammid Mohammadi for "The Past"

-The Award for Best Director in Experimental Film was received by Arshia Zeinali for " How Should One Wait for Godot"

-Best Research and Writing Award in Documentary was received by Amin Pakparvar for "Death and the Dragon"

-The Best Documentary Director Award was received by Mohammad Baqer Shahin for the "Chair"

The Diploma of Honor for Best Scene Design was received by Reyhaneh Esmaeilian for "Morse"-

-The Diploma of Honor for Best Actor was received by Behzad Dorani for "Zoozeh"

-The Best Director in Feature Film was received by Ronak Jafari for "Morse

-The Cash Prize and Festival Trophy of best film with national identity and increasing social assets was received by Amir Hoshang Moein for "Wet Mirror"

-The Best Producing Film Award was received by Amirhossein Enayati and Mohammad Yousefi for "Morse"

-The Jury Special Award in Feature or Experimental Film was received by Soheila Pour Mohammadi for "The Savior"

Directed by Sadeq Mousavi, the 38th Tehran international short film festival opened in Iran Mall Cinema Complex on Oct 19 and wrapped up on Oct 24. This edition of the TISFF has been approved by the Academy Awards, popularly known as the OSCARS®, and became the only OSCARS® qualifying festival in Iran was attended by 64 works from 32 countries and 125 directors.

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