Referring to the grounds of cultural cooperation among sister cities, the Mayor of Isfahan said, "One of the common grounds for cooperation between Isfahan and its sister cities could be the transferring of traditional craft skills to its twins."

Iran (IMNA) - Ali Ghasemzadeh, in a joint meeting with the Ambassador of Nigeria to Iran, the Ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Iran to Nigeria and the Economic Advisor of the Nigerian Embassy, expressed his satisfaction with the meeting and said, “Isfahan is one of the Iranian historical and cultural cities that used to be the Iran’s capital city during various empires; Isfahan is now recognized as the museum of Iranian civilization history.”

Noting that in the city of Isfahan, people live together with different religious beliefs, including Christian, Muslim, Jewish and other religions, Ghasemzadeh said,” We have had experienced the coexistence of various religions in peace for many years and this is rooted in our history. Also, the urban design of Isfahan is such that the city entails buildings belonging to Muslims, Jews and Christians altogether.”

Pointing out that believers of different religions perform their own rituals in the city, the Mayor of Isfahan, continued, "For many years, the adherents of various religions respected each other."

"Isfahan is primed to interact and communicate with the whole world, especially the Islamic countries. Municipalities have broad powers to involve in the international fields under the frameworks of public diplomacy and sign twinning agreements with cities that have cultural, geographical and other similarities in common," he said.

Voicing interest in preparing the groundworks for a twinning agreement with one of Nigeria's cities, Ghasemzadeh went on to say that, “The city that enters into relations with Isfahan must have share demographic and cultural commonalities; Cities that have signed this agreement with Isfahan have deepen their relations with dispatching creative, trade and academic delegations, thereby the two cities get to know each one better. "

Speaking about the foreign students studying in the University of Isfahan and Islamic Azad University, Khorasgan Branch, the Mayor of Isfahan ended, "One of the areas of interaction between Isfahan and its Nigerian forthcoming sister city could be student exchange."

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