"With the establishment of a permanent secretariat in the child-friendly city of Isfahan, this one-week event can be turned into a continuous stream throughout the year," The mayor of Isfahan said at the opening ceremony of the 34th International Children and Youth Film Festival.

Iran (IMNA) - Ali Ghasemzadeh recognized Isfahan as a trust that should be handed over to future generations and added, "Isfahan has always been a livable city and I hope we can prepare it for a better life in the future."

The mayor of Isfahan, emphasizing that this festival should be transformed from one-week event to a continuous stream, he clarified, "The festival, which has been in place for 34 years, has the potential to be hold throughout the year.

He stressed, "We will establish the permanent secretariat of the International Film Festival for Children and Adolescents in Isfahan so that the festival will gain an everlasting life.

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