As the Coronavirus Pandemic has spread across the world, people have become more familiar with the death tolls that the official health authorities announce each day.

Iran (IMNA) - Iranian hospitals have run out of ICU beds as COVID-19 cases increase there, putting more pressure on the county's health care system.

Partly attributed to the highly contagious delta variant, the spike in coronavirus cases has overwhelmed hospitals that were already struggling with the high number of COVID-19 patients.

Iran's infection rate is still high, and the upward curve is expected to continue for weeks.

In Isfahan, patients who require critical care facilities but are unable to have an ICU bed are still getting intensive care unit level treatment in different parts of hospitals or even at home.

As hospitals have contended with large surges in Covid-19 patients, many have lost their lives outside the health care systems over the past weeks.

Iran is now dealing with the fifth surge in infections led by the highly contagious Delta variant, hoping to contain the Coronavirus pandemic with home-grown crop of vaccines as well as the international approved COVID-19 ones.

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