Iranians observe National Doctor’s Day on August 23 which is the birth anniversary of Persian physician Avicenna, the father of early modern medicine. The day is marked to honor the enormous contribution that doctors make in our everyday lives.

Iran (IMNA) - From the moment that the coronavirus pandemic hit the country, Iranian healthcare workers, in particular, nurses and doctors have been working twenty - four seven in order to save the lives of people.

Many committed doctors come down with the deadly virus; However, this has not brought their motivation for treating people to a halt.

During the tough times of the pandemic, committed doctors who have been at the forefront fighting the virus and saving lives, also started providing free online consultation services for those who were unable to meet the expense of treatments. Many people in this profession also went on to the extent of sharing videos regarding exercises and things that individuals could do if they infected with virus.

IMNA's press team would like to thank the doctors who are devoting their lives selflessly for our safety. We appreciate your contributions and commitment to helping others.

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