Following the Taliban’s military takeover of Afghanistan, many Afghans hoping to flee the country and escape Taliban rule. They continue to leave in evident desperate attempts despite the chaos at Kabul airport, where armed forces use guns and helicopters to clear the pathways.

Iran (IMNA) - Several heartbreaking pictures have come out of Afghanistan as the country remains in a political turmoil after Taliban takeover.

Afghan people gather outside the embassies in Kabul, or line up to board military transport planes at the airport; among those seeking to flee Taliban-controlled Afghanistan were families with young children and even newborns.

Twenty years after Taliban were forced out, they are once again in the driving seat of Afghanistan. They promptly took the power as the United States ended its decades-long presence in Afghanistan.

Since the Taliban seized the control of the capital, many painful pictures have emerged showing hopeless scenes at Kabul airport; Some Afghans clung to a U.S. military plane before it took off from Kabul airport. Unfortunately, US officials confirmed that some Afghans were killed falling from mid-air.

As pressure went up on the U.S to do more measure for the evacuation of thousands of Afghan allies fearing for their lives, the Taliban aimed to show up themselves as the guardians of Afghanistan.

Saying that government officials could recommence their activities and get back to work with “full confidence”, the Taliban released a “general pardon” on Tuesday for all administration officials.

Despite the promises made by the U.S government and the Taliban for safety, for millions of Afghans, the story lies ahead is still unpredictable.

By: Elahe Seyfodin

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