Since the coronavirus pandemic rocked the globe, thousands of Iranians have lost their lives from complications of COVID-19, many of whom were left without accompanying formal funeral ceremonies or commemorative events; so, bereaved families are being robbed of opportunities for a final farewell to loved ones.

Iran (IMNA) - With morgues clogged on the on the way out due to the soaring numbers of corpses amid a surge in COVID-19 deaths, hard-hit provinces are struggling to store the cadavers wrapped in white shrouds.

Coronavirus infections in Iranian provinces have been hitting peaks for the past few days and the death toll has been on the rise.

The upsetting scenes of patients on mechanical ventilators dying in hospitals clearly show that the tragedy is far greater.

Iranian hospitals have run out of intensive care unit beds as the highly contagious Delta variant cases overwhelmed the provinces' capacity; the majority of delta variant cases are reported in people who have not vaccinated, so in areas of the country where vaccination rates are low, that’s a concern.

The COVID-19 pandemic has put the tireless dedication of health workers around the globe in a blaze of glory; The good news is that many front-line medical workers have been vaccinated with the Chinese Sinopharm, the Oxford-AstraZeneca and also locally made COVIran Barekat (also spelled Barakat).

Swamped hospitals are turning corridors, prayer rooms and even parking lots into temporary places for preliminary admission of COVID-19 patients. In some hospital medical staffs are triaging patients on the floors of emergency rooms.

The official virus death toll is 500 to 600 people a day, putting the country under assault from the most devastating wave of the coronavirus.

The unruly upsurge of COVID-19 cases is leading national and local officials across the country to issue serious mandates regarding public gatherings and sanitation practices.

In hardest-hit provinces, many of the admitted patients should be waiting in the emergency rooms for inpatient beds to get open up as all healthcare facilities in the county are over capacity.

Though Iranian government’s goal throughout the coronavirus pandemic has been to protect the public health, the next few weeks will be the biggest challenge yet.

The fact is that the fifth wave of Coronavirus didn't get into this mess overnight, but ignoring the health guidelines to prevent COVID-19 has brought such a tragic situation; coming full circle to the pre pandemic world will take months to turn things around.

By: Elahe Seyfodin

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