The joint meeting of the ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Iran to Senegal and the ambassador of Senegal to Iran took place hosting by Ghodratollah Norouzi, the mayor of Isfahan.

Iran (IMNA) - Saying that the 12th anniversary of sister city relationship with Dakar has been coincided with the fiftieth anniversary of diplomatic relations between Isfahan and Senegal, the mayor of Isfahan noted, “despite the coronavirus pandemic, effective measures have been taken during this period of urban management respecting the urban diplomacy. We managed to maintain and develop our relations with sister cities in the interim of the ongoing global pandemic of coronavirus. "

Addressing the common features of Isfahan and Dakar, Norouzi continued, “Iran and Senegal have many commonalities such as the same religion; the slogan of the Republic of Senegal is "One People, One Goal, One Faith ", which has shared characteristics with Iran’s maxim. such elements in common can empower Isfahan and Dakar to enhance their connections.”

Emphasizing that Isfahan is a city with a long history that used to be Iran’s capital during different Persian empires, the mayor of Isfahan added, “Isfahan has acted as a pioneer in various industrial, economic, scientific and urban areas, which can be considered as an opportunity to interact with Dakar.”

He continued, “during the conversation with the mayor of Dakar, it was decided to name a square in Dakar in honor of Isfahan. Our relationship for naming is reciprocal; so, we will allocate "Dakar" name to one of Isfahan’s streets or squares like what we have done as a tribute to other sister cities of Isfahan such as Lahore, Freiburg and Kuala Lumpur.”

“I promised the mayor of Dakar to share Isfahan’s experiences in the case of waste management. Considering the effective practices that Isfahan has taken in this regard, we stand ready to dispatch an expert team to exchange knowledge,” the mayor of Isfahan pointed out.

Norouzi added, "we are prepared to establish a cooperative platform in the areas of commerce, industry, construction and urban development with Dakar backing by the Iran Chamber of Commerce, Isfahan Chamber of Commerce as well as the private sectors.”

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