Saint Sarkis Church is an Armenian Apostolic Church located in Isfahan's Yerevan neighborhood of New Julfa quarter which was built in 1659. Originally, it was named ‘All Savirous Church’; however, due to the dedication of relics from the older Saint Sarkis of New Julfa to the current location, it was renamed to Saint Sarkis Church.

Saint Sarkis Church involves two domes that each of them is composed of eight skylights; the smaller dome lies above the altar and the larger one with arches on four columns. The materials utilized in this ancient church are clay and brick, the exterior walls are framed with brick facades and the interior walls are covered with plaster. In the past, there were many paintings on the walls but due to the restoration processes, many of them have been destroyed and only the paintings on the dome have remained intact.

Moreover, The Bell House is positioned in the southwestern part of the building, on the roof of the church, and in the southern part of the church there is a small chapel with an arched dome called "Holy Stephanos", which was built in 1704 AD.

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