Designing the stations, lifts, ticket vending machines and fare gates, Isfahan Urban Railway Operation Company has made it possible for the wheelchair users and disabled people to outshine their physical limitations.

Iran (IMNA) - The company has made necessary arrangements for wheelchair-bound passengers by providing a barrier-free environment for the physically challenged and elderly persons using the rail system.

The disabled people enjoy facilities like ramps designed at the road level to facilitate wheelchairs up to the lifts right at the moment they arrive to the metro stations. Roomy lifts are also being provided with hand rails inside to comfort wheelchairs users and the elderly.

Wheelchair users will not face any problem getting into the train as care is being taken in keeping the gap between the platform and train floor.

Furthermore, once they get into train, the wheelchair-bound passengers, can be locked to a special “grab handle” in the train in the "wheelchair-only" spaces.

Regarding the creation of a disabled friendly city, Ghodratollah Norouzi the mayor of Isfahan said, "Isfahan is a living city for all walks of life, and we must provide the necessary grounds to turn it into a more accessible city for wheelchair users."

Pointing out that such efforts for the disabled should be continued so that anyone with physical disability does not feel being ignored and deprived, Norouzi said, "In an accessible city, people with disabilities should also feel that the society is inclusive for them and they are being treated as equal citizens. Accessible urban facilities can help them feel belonging to the community."

The mayor of Isfahan expressed hope that a cultural center for the disabled would be launched in the city in a month or two.

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