Most of us are now living in tightly-packed urban environments with no space to grow anything.

Iran (IMNA) - Several studies indicate that urban greenery creates lower rates of psychological distress. People are happier and less likely to get depressed when they’ve got connection to nature.

Where public spaces are beautifully designed, citizens are more likely to be active, and walk or ride bicycles; so, by including trees and bushes in public spaces healthy lifestyles will be encouraged.

Greenery in urban spaces helps reducing the heat generated by concrete buildings and curbing harmful pollutants.

Having street trees, urban parks, and community gardens, cities can cool themselves down amid rising temperatures generated by concrete buildings

A livable place is one that engages the community in unique, local ways; urban greenery support this engagement by making it more peaceful to be outside. It is much more appealing to do shopping on foot or meet outside under the shade of trees and enjoy the beauty of urban plants.

In a new forward-thinking initiative, Isfahan's Parks and Green Space Organization has added a splash color to brighten the streets and neighborhoods.

20,000 rose bushes has been planted in urban pots to be displayed to Isfahani citizens. Such initiative will definitely bring social vitality to the community.

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