Spring season always symbolized by frequent patchy drizzles. Scenes of umbrellas, raindrops on cobbled streets, lined plane trees and old buildings in foggy narrow lanes are the unique shots of spring in Isfahan.

The wide pedestrians and historic bridges of Isfahan look very dramatic on rainy days under grey skies as they get rid of the dust and pollutants.

Droplets of rain on vibrantly colored leaves and wide rainbows provide a spectacular atmosphere in rainy days and make the city sparkling.

The dazzling colors, lights’ reflections in the puddles reinforce the romantic soul and scenic look of Isfahan. Especially in the evening, when the boulevards get empty and leave room to the young who can’t resist such a charming atmosphere. When the dazzle allows a piece of sky to appear amidst the dark clouds, the sun rays set up their show for twilight leaving everyone speechless.

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