The mayor of Gyeongju, Joo Nak-young, invited the mayor of Isfahan to attend the Gyeongju 's Cultural Festival in year ahead.

Iran (IMNA) - "I would like to get information about the measures taken by the municipality of Isfahan against the background of the coronavirus pandemic," Joo Nak-young said in the course of a web conference with the mayor of Isfahan.

He added, "We also demand further cooperation with the city of Isfahan to keep the relation strong."

The mayor of Gyeongju noted, "We know very well that Isfahan has a long history with a glorious past as backing to the ancient days, the city was the capital of Iran for many years. Of course, Gyeongju also has got a splendid history for being the capital of the Silla Empire in ancient times."

He emphasized, "Having historical tombs belonging to various empires, Gyeongju bear similarities with Isfahan due to the identical historical and cultural backgrounds; we urge to expand the cooperation between the two cities."

Emphasizing that the relationship between Isfahan and Gyeongju has been laid since 2013, the mayor of Gyeongju said, "Ancient similar cultural backgrounds, and holding cultural festivals can strengthen and deepen relations."

Referring to the cultural festival bringing about next year, Joo Nak-young invited the mayor of Isfahan to attend the festival, so that effective steps can be taken to enhance the interactions and exchange the experiences between the two cities.

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