Despite the fact that some parts of the world are still bogged down in snow, spring is definitely dancing in the sky of Iran as the beautiful blossoms are popping up almost everywhere!

Iran (IMNA) - However, spring in Iran is filled with endless things to do and see, there are a handful of gorgeous spots in Isfahan that truly “bloom” this time of year. With almost four days until the Persian New Year celebration, it’s time to once again anticipate strolling through the fragrant flower-filled gardens.

March in Isfahan is heavenly, temperature has steadily risen (but not too much) and the city’s iconic gardens are blooming with fragrant trees and flowers. In Persian culture, spring is a time of rebirth and revival during which some sort of specific ritual celebrated to welcome the fertility of spring.

Rooted in Zoroastrianism, the beginning of spring is called Norouz; it is recognized as the right time of purification and setting one's intention for a new start.

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