Intense traffic and unrestricted factory emissions have converted Isfahan's sky into clouds of smog. In recent weeks, the levels of pollutants have exceeded the limit for human safety laid down by the responsible bodies.

Iran (IMNA) - Over 6 million people in Isfahan are living with heavy air pollution, according to the most recent data. Dust storms, on-road motor vehicles like buses and cars, off-road vehicles such as bulldozers, and the main blameworthy factors, industrial activities such as oil refining and power generation, are the major causes of air pollution in Isfahan.

Industrial pollutant releases to air include greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide and pollutants such as sulphur oxide. Pollution has a serious toxicological impact on human health leading to breathlessness, chest pain, respiratory difficulties, chronic stroke and eye irritation.

Air quality in Isfahan is getting worse as the traffic, industrialisation and energy use increase.

Average air quality index of all urban stations in Isfahan reported 177 by the Air Monitoring and Control Center of the General Directorate of Environmental Protection.

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